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Ethics Questions Raised Over WV Gov. Jim Justice Greenbrier Ownership

By Grant Broadhurst

Jim Justice, the billionaire owner of the Greenbrier in West Virginia, also serves as the state’s Governor – and questions have been raised as to whether the Greenbrier has received some favoritism as a result.

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Pitfalls Surround IRS’ 2% Solution

By Todd McElwee

Payments from corporations to sponsor a nonprofit’s conferences, events, or programs can be a win-win for both parties. In “Raising Revenue and Trimming Tax: A Nonprofit’s Guide to Corporate Sponsorships,” Venable noted improperly structured sponsorships can result in taxable income for nonprofits. Some may decide to pay tax in order to receive more income, while others find themselves paying inadvertently.

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Investigation into Las Vegas CVA Scandal Snares Airline Executive

By Jonathan Trager

Eric Woodson, Manager, Marketing Planning for Southwest Airlines, complied with a request from Brig Lawson, former business partnerships director for the Las Vegas CVA, to conceal $90,000 in gift card purchases, police records show.

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Execs, Exhibitors Alike Dub ASAE 2019 Success

By Grant Broadhurst, Jonathan Trager, Todd McElwee

During the ASAE Annual Meeting trade show on August 11, USAE spoke to exhibitors and association executives about their thoughts on the event and recurring themes included the value to exhibitors, the solid education, the friendliness of Columbus as a host city, and how “impressive” the meeting so far had been. Some had suggestions on how to further hone the meeting.

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HOTS Visits the Zoo… Before the ASAE Annual Meeting kicked off on the evening of August 10, HOTS left the political zoo that is Washington, DC to see the world-famous Columbus Zoo and Aquarium. While it was farther afield than HOTS expected as well as a bit toasty and crowded, HOTS saw some truly exotic animals.
For instance, the wombat was predictably adorable but unpredictably big and fat. It looked like if someone crossed a baby bear with a puppy and then fed it all the snacks it could want. The red panda was cool as a cucumber, the manatees had the munchies, and the sloth bear was sleeping like no one was watching (even though people were indeed watching). HOTSwas particularly entertained by the Asian small-clawed otters – lots of them – playing and even fighting, which the keeper said was all in good fun. HOTS hopes it can find time to see the Shark Reef Aquarium at Mandalay Bay when ASAE is held in Las Vegas next year.


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