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February 27, 2017


Hello Barbie Hologram… Move over Amazon Echo and Google Home, Barbie is in the house – and she plays dress up. Hello Barbie Hologram introduced herself to her fans on February 17 at the New York Toy Fair in the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center. While she won’t debut until later this year, Mattel promises the pink-box-with-the-Barbie-hologram will be able to answer questions, set reminders, manage calendars, check the weather and change outfits via voice command. HOTS is particularly excited that HOTS – er, little girls – will be able to choreograph her dance moves. The futuristic friend is meant for children at least six years old, but HOTS is positive this includes adults interested in a virtual assistant with a Valley Girl voice and fashionable outfits. HOTS hopes a tough-talking G.I. Joe version isn’t too far behind.

Banned Butter… Desperate men and women regularly cross the Wisconsin border to smuggle in a banned foreign product: Kerrygold Irish Butter. Butter dealers can face up to six months in prison for doing so, though, because the imported butter doesn’t receive federal or Wisconsin grading. It’s delicious, but it’s not officially Grade A and thus is illegal to distribute in America’s Dairyland. HOTS can’t help but imagine butter dealers driving around in tricked out Cadillacs, saying, “Hey, kid, ever have Irish butter from grass-fed cows? I can hook you up. Kerrygold fresh straight across the border. It’ll blow your mind – and it’s great on baked potatoes.” Wisconsin parents should have serious talks with their children about the dangers of fine imported butter. For instance, illegally acquired butter might be cut with something horrible – like margarine.

Artsy Fitness… HOTS knows what it likes: comfortable surroundings, gourmet experiences, beautiful architecture, meaningful travel and workouts in front of priceless artwork. HOTS has learned New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art is offering – through March 9, anyway – guided workout tours led by a dance company. Art-loving fitness fanatics can jog and jumping jack their way through the New York landmark, admiring the artwork before the museum opens to the unwashed (and less ripped) masses. Unfortunately, tickets for this unusual workout opportunity are sold out according to the Met’s website, but HOTS hopes the idea will catch on and more museums will start doing double duty as gyms.





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