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On May 19, John H. Graham IV, FASAE, CAE, President & CEO of ASAE was honored for his lasting contributions to the Boy Scouts of America with both the Boy Scouts National Capital Area Council’s (BSA, NCAC) 2015 Citizen of the Year and Distinguished Eagle Scout Award, during a dinner at the J.W. Marriott in Washington, D.C. Shown here (left to right): Graham’s grandsons Connor and Harrison Campbell; Graham; and Thomas R. Kuhn, President, Edison Electric Institute. Courtesy: Carl Cox Photography.

New Orleans Hospitality Sector Helps Defeat
Religious Freedom Bill

A bill prohibiting Louisiana’s state government from taking punitive action against businesses due to owners’ beliefs on same sex marriages was voted down in the state House of Representatives Civil Law and Procedure committee on May 19. Testimony from a collection of civic leaders, including Stephen Perry, President & CEO of the New Orleans CVB, helped to defeat the measure.

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L.A Moves Forward on Minimum-Wage Hike;
Is Largest City Yet to Act

In a long-awaited, much-discussed and expected move, the Los Angeles City Council voted last week to move forward an ordinance to raise the city’s minimum wage to $15 per hour by 2020.
The current $9 an hour minimum wage will rise incrementally from $10.50 an hour in July 2016, to $12, $13.25, and $14.25, before topping out in 2020.

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ASAE Awaits IRS Political Activity Rules

ASAE is waiting for the IRS to issue new guidelines clarifying the levels of political activity in which tax-exempt organizations can engage, as well as which 501(c) organizations fall under the guidance.

The IRS has devoted much of the past few years to determining appropriate levels of political activity for nonprofits especially 501(c)(4) organizations. Speaking with Politico in March, IRS Commissioner John Koskinen said the IRS might broaden its guidelines to apply to all 501(c) classifications as well as 527 political groups. He reaffirmed the thought while testifying to the House of Representative’s Committee on Appropriations.

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Hotel Supplies Linens to Zoo Gorillas, Who Presumably Enjoy the Comfort

Gorillas at the Lincoln Park Zoo in Chicago are resting a bit more comfortably thanks to the donation of premium linens from the Hilton Chicago/Oak Brook Hills Resort & Conference Center.

The hotel donated 250-thread count bedding and blankets to the zoo for use as additional resting material for the zoo’s western lowland gorillas, housed at its Regenstein Center for African Apes.

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Mayday! Meeting Planner Desperately Needed

By Todd McElwee

HOTS is currently accepting applications for a temporary meeting planner position for May 2016. With a handful of birthdays, Mother’s Day, Memorial Day and the most packed full month of sports on the calendar the last few weeks have taught HOTS it cannot possibly navigate through the month next year.
Please forgive any unanswered correspondence on HOTS’ end. As anyone who has every hosted a party at their home will tell you it’s no picnic, or party, preparing for the event. There’s cleaning, cooking and a seemingly unlimited list of other tasks which must be completed before the first guest arrives.
Less than halfway through May has already worn HOTS out. Maybe I’m being a tab bit dramatic, but HOTS hasn’t had a moment to catch it’s breath, nor all of it’s beloved Washington Capitals playoff games, and there is more left to do.
Here’s a quick recap.

On May 2, HOTS wife, Angela, and HOTS hosted a Kentucky Derby party at our home. Mint juleps, homemade pulled pork, seersucker, pecan pies and of course roses transformed the Hagerstown, Md. house into an old Kentucky home.
Two days later HOTS went to Game 3 of the Capitals-Rangers Stanley Cup Playoff series at the Verizon Center. Caps won 1-0.
May 8, saw my wife and I celebrate her 30th birthday, which was actually May 10, at VOLT in Frederick. The following day we celebrated my mother-in-law’s birthday with a family breakfast outside of Frederick. HOTS returned home with my daughter, Evelyn, and finished up Mother’s Day/birthday shopping for Angela before heading back to Frederick to celebrate Angela’s birthday with friends. (Maybe HOTS doesn’t need a meeting planner but rather a real estate agent in Frederick?)

On Mother’s Day/Angela’s 30th birthday, we hosted my parents, in-laws, and brother-in-law for a tea party lunch, complete with appropriately diminutive sandwiches and treats as well as a banana walnut Smith Island cake. Ironically there was no tea.
Coming up May 16, Angela and HOTS will be attending a going away party for a friend who will be spending the next two years in Gambia while working for the Peace Corps.
Then there’s the big one: Evelyn’s first birthday party, May 17. The cake and cookies have already been ordered and the guest of honor seems to be looking forward to the celebration but flowers need to be purchased/planted, decorations hung and who knows what else to properly commemorate Evie’s first birthday.

Toss in a few more friend’s and family member’s birthdays and Memorial Day weekend to complete the chaos.
This is why HOTS needs a meeting planner; a pro to ensure a good time is had by all and HOTS doesn’t go insane. Don’t worry about the pulled pork; I’ve got that. But everything else from ordering refreshments to making sure ice is stocked to getting me where I need to be on time is on you.
RFPs are currently being accepted. HOTS will get back to you in June. 


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