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Michael D. McCurry (left), Co-Chair of the Commission on Presidential Debates, and Len Jessup, President of the University of Nevada,
Las Vegas (UNLV), listen as Rossi Ralenkotter, President & CEO of the Las Vegas CVA, speaks to the audience before the third and final presidential debate on Oct. 19 at the Thomas & Mack Center at UNLV. Photo by Sam Morris/Las Vegas News Bureau

Be Sure to Vote, Meetings Industry Leaders Urge

By Todd McElwee

On Nov. 8, the purveyors and defenders of face-to-face meetings hope we all spend a few solitary moments casting votes while remembering time spent in the booth or completing an absentee ballot should not be monopolized by Clinton and Trump.
“Our democracy provides us with the opportunity to vote in our national, state, and local elections,” John Graham, IV, CAE, President & CEO, ASAE told USAE. “It’s important that everyone participates because elections matter and every vote counts. There might be ballot choices you don’t like, but there are many ballot issues that deserve and require your attention.”

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Las Vegas CVA’s Rossi Ralenkotter
Integral to Presidential Debate

By Jonathan Trager

Just before millions of Americans watched the third and final presidential debate between the Democratic and Republican candidates, another organizational representative appeared on their television screens: Rossi Ralenkotter, President & CEO of the Las Vegas CVA.
Held at the Thomas & Mack Center at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, the debate on Oct. 19 marked the first time a destination-marketing leader had an opportunity to address the millions of viewers tuned in to such a cultural event.

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IMEX America Continues to Pay Out in Las Vegas

By Todd McElwee

The meetings industry believes it has found the only sure bet in Las Vegas: IMEX America.
On Oct. 20, the sixth installment of the show concluded following another year of growth and development at the Sands Expo and Convention Center and The Venetian | The Palazzo Las Vegas.
“It’s the best show in business,” Brian Stevens, CEO, ConferenceDirect told USAE. “I can’t imagine anyone missing it.”

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Marriott Announces It Will Stay in Bethesda, but
in New Location

By Dan Bennett

Marriott International announced last week it will remain in Bethesda, Maryland, with plans to build a new $600 million, 700,000 square-foot headquarters in the city’s downtown area, following a search that included other parts of Maryland, northern Virginia and Washington, D.C. The company has not yet identified an exact site in Bethesda.

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HOTS needs a break from politics. And the best vacation from this seemingly everlasting election cycle’s vitriolic atmosphere appears to be business trips: DMAI’s Annual Convention and ASAE’s Annual Meeting & Exposition.

Of course politics feature on both events’ agendas and will be discussed by attendees. (USAE has convention coverage in the current issue.) HOTS however is confident nobody will be screaming “Lock her up,” during an Opening General Session at either event.

HOTS is also certain DMAI and ASAE will be a far better time than either the Republican or Democratic National Conventions; and that’s not a reflection on either Cleveland of Philadelphia. Standing on an arena floor holding signs for speech after speech sounds hideous, though not as torturous as actually navigating security to get to said arena. Also, are delegates afforded free food and drink like they are at DMAI or ASAE attendees, or are they paying premium stadium prices?

Sure, the future president is not appearing in Minneapolis or Salt Lake City, but these meetings do have a significant economic impact. And HOTS has never seen a protester outside an association event.

The election is roughly three months away and at the moment reasonable political talk between colleagues and friends gets HOTS’ vote.

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