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The Louisville CVB exhibited at ASAE’s Springtime on April 9 at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center. Pictured here (left to right): Becky Lutes, Galt House Hotel; Proscovia Mattas, Louisville CVB; Jennifer Barnett, Louisville CVB; Mary Higham (in white dress), ASIS International; Cassie Arthur(in blue dress), Seelbach Hilton Hotel; Lisa LeCompte, Louisville CVB; Matt Wales, Association of Colleges for Teacher Educations; Rip Rippetoe (kneeling), Kentucky State Fair Board; Kate Burger, Louisville CVB; Jill Gately, American Association State Colleges and Universities;
and Mark Barnes (kneeling), Louisville CVB.

Philly Bldg. Calls Carpenter’s Letter to Democrats

The Carpenters Union in Philadelphia is asking Democratic Party leaders to avoid scheduling any events at the Pennsylvania Convention Center during the party’s convention in 2016. Their letter-writing has prompted convention center officials to blast the request as a “desperate attempt by the leadership of the Carpenters union to save face with their own members.”

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Verbal Dogfight Over Open Skies
Agreements, Gov’t Subsidies

A 1999 Congressional Research Service (CRS) report showing that commercial aviation received $155 billion in federal subsidies between 1919 and 1998 has instigated a war of words between travel and airlines sector organizations.

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Marriott Marquis in San Diego Adding Large Meeting, Event Space

The Marriott Marquis San Diego Marina has broken ground on construction of what will become the largest hotel event space on the West Coast.
The new facility will boast 240,000 square feet of meeting and event space, with a planned completion of the project in summer 2016.

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Greg O’Dell, Elliott Ferguson Delighted ASAE’s
Springtime Is D.C. Staple

About this time every year, Gregory O’Dell, President & CEO of Events DC, and Elliott Ferguson, President & CEO of Destination DC, look forward to welcoming a few thousand meetings industry guests into town.
Washington, D.C. has always been Springtime’s home, and the city’s two hospitality chiefs can’t imagine ASAE’s annual event ever departing the capital. O’Dell and Ferguson spoke to USAE on April 9 while strolling around Springtime’s Exhibit Hall at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center.

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Springtime and Destination
Showcase—Better Apart Than Together

By Jonathan Trager

This week is ASAE’s Springtime. As happens every year, the event includes at least a couple thousand people who flock from all corners of the globe to the Walter E. Washington Convention Center. They get leads, sell wares, give away gifts, share stories, and take advantage of an opportunity to come together in one grand event in the nation’s capital.

But this year is also unusual; Springtime is in early April and not May, as has traditionally been the case. In itself, this fact would be notable but not that important. But consider this: Destinations Showcase had also been moved from its usual spot in February to late March. Consequently, I’ve heard complaints from some people who feel they have to make a choice between the two.

Now, it’s understandable the convention center has certain dates to fill. But the resulting complication for a sales professional who lives on the opposite side of the country is understandable as well. Is that person supposed to take a trip for several weeks? Or fly back and forth to the same place in that short a period? Either is possible—but it’s a tall order for many organizations. And why is this suddenly the way it has to be after many years of regularly scheduled programming

I hope that attendance isn’t affected at Springtime. I doubt there’s much drop off in either case. But it’s unfortunate that anyone’s decision about whether to attend a major industry event or not is impacted by the closeness of the dates in the same locale. Ideally, the two would be moved back closer to their original time slots. Sometimes it’s better to for there to be some time apart than together.


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