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On July 11, the Destinations International Foundation held a culinary tour in downtown Montreal prior to the start of the
Destinations International Annual Convention. Seen here in Les 3 Brasseurs restaurant is Tammy Blount (front right),
Chair of Destinations International and President & CEO of the Monterey County CVB. See story on page 5

Visit Florida Facing Bureau Opt-Outs

By Todd McElwee

Fresh off a victorious legislative funding battle Visit Florida is now facing internal uncertainty.
Eleven of its member DMOs have “opted out” from the organization, Stephen Lawson, Vice President of Government Relations, Visit Florida, told USAE.
They include the Greater Miami CVB (GMCVB), Visit Orlando, Visit Tampa Bay, Experience Kissimmee, and Discover the Palm Beaches, Florida Keys Tourist Development Council, Visit South Walton and DMOs representing Santa Rosa, Brevard, Franklin and Seminole counties.

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Show Me’s Money: Missouri CVBs Hit Hard
by Governor’s Budget Cut

By Todd McElwee

The marketing budgets of destination marketing organizations across Missouri have been compromised. Gov. Eric Greitens (R) has cut more than $250 million in spending for fiscal year 2018 (FY2018) including slashing the Show Me State’s tourism budget from $20 million to $10 million.

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Texas Bathroom Battle Slated for Legislative
Special Session

By Todd McElwee

Texas’s hot-button bathroom privacy laws will be addressed when the State Legislature convenes in Austin on July 18 for a 30-day special session called for by Gov. Greg Abbott (R).
A pair of bills submitted by Rep. Ron Simmons’ (R), House Bills (HB) 46 and 50, do not directly address transgender usage of public restrooms but, if ratified, supersede existing city and county ordinances and school district policies offering protections to a class of people not covered by federal and state law, reports CBS 11 – which also recently hosted a Facebook Live panel discussion concerning the bathroom firestorm featuring civic leaders including Phillip Jones, President & CEO, Visit Dallas.

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Take Carra Yourself Debuts at Destinations
International Convention

By Jonathan Trager

A man approached Vicki Carra in the Palais des congres de Montreal (the Montreal Convention Center) during the Destinations International Annual Convention last week and told her that her husband, Jim, had saved a mutual friend’s life.
Jim, who died last October at age 54 after long experiencing shortness of breath, motivated his friend to get his own check-up, at which time his doctor detected an abnormal heart condition. With treatment, the grateful patient is doing fine.

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Valiant Alarm Clock Rescued from Wall… Depending on daylight savings, the alarm clock went off at 6:50 p.m. or 7:50 p.m. like clockwork for 13 years. Jerry and Sylvia Lynn would have turned it off, but it was stuck in the wall of their Ross Township, Pennsylvania home.
In 2004, Jerry Lynn installed a TV wire through a vent and – in order to find out where the wire was in the wall – lowered an ill-fated alarm clock tied to a string. His knot failed and the clock fell into darkness.
Powered by its single Rayovac AA battery, the digital alarm clock held out for 13 years, probably alone and scared but nevertheless determined to do its duty.
CBS Pittsburgh reported on the valiant clock last month, and touched by the clock’s plight – and perhaps that of the tortured homeowners – Low-Cost Heating and Air Conditioning recently came out to remove it.
According to the local CBS station, the rescued clock will have a place of honor in the Lynns’ home. For the clock’s sake, HOTS hopes it won’t be dropped down a vent again.

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