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Celebrating at its offices, the entire Experience Columbus staff commemorated Ohio State’s 42-20 victory against the University of Oregon in the inaugural College Football National Championship Game on Jan. 12 at AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas.

Supreme Court Denies Petition in San Diego Conv. Center Case

The U.S. Supreme Court denied a petition on Jan. 12 submitted by United National Maintenance (UNM), a cleaning services vendor, regarding a lower court ruling in favor of the San Diego Convention Center Corp. (SDCCC).

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Marriott Ends Quest for FCC Wi-Fi Ruling

Marriott is no longer asking the Federal Communications Commission to issue a ruling that could block guest Wi-Fi personal hot-spot access.

The hotel company prompted nationwide discussion when it requested last summer the FCC make a ruling on blocking such access, saying that by gaining such access in meeting areas, safety risks, including stolen data and other disruptions, could present themselves.

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John Snavely Trial Postponed Until April 20

The second-degree murder trial of John Snavely, the 27-year-old former porn star accused of the Sept. 2010 slaying of PCI Communications President & CEO Samuel Del Brocco, has been delayed yet again.

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Guests Fall Ill at Opryland Resort
Investigation Underway

The Gaylord Opryland Resort & Convention Center in Nashville and Metro Public Health Department staff are investigating why a small number of guests have fallen ill at the hotel.

The exact number of ill guests was undetermined as of Jan. 15, but after several guests presented with gastrointestinal symptoms, the hotel reached out to the local Health Department for assistance.

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Weathering the Weather at Industry Conventions

By Jonathan Trager

I’ve been wondering about some of the choices that associations make regarding which cities will host their annual conventions. This is especially the case when I learn that a group has decided to meet in a place where the weather is bound to be extreme in one direction or another.
Last year, DMAI held its Annual Convention in Las Vegas—in July. Needless to say, it was a very humid (and very sweaty) experience. This year, PCMA held its Convening Leaders in Chicago—in January. Temperatures slightly above zero, anyone?
Frankly, I don’t get it. Are weather expectations not a major factor for an association in determining where its meeting will be held?
I understand the desire to move conferences across the country to make it easier for members in different time zones to attend. That seems only fair. But can’t a group that typically holds its meeting in December move it horizontally along the southern portion of the country? Can’t a group that typically holds its meeting in June do the same in the north?
Of course, convention organizers can’t always control for weather conditions. At ASAE in Nashville last year, it rained on the opening night party. Thus, an event that was largely supposed to be held outside had to be moved indoors (there was still plenty of people, food, drinks, etc.). But in many cities, the general climate in summer or winter months is hardly unpredictable.
There must be some great economic incentive to holding a meeting in a place that’s extremely cold or extremely hot during certain seasons. Perhaps associations get deep discounts in order to hold large meetings in cities with less than comfortable conditions during those months. I’m not on the inside of such planning, so I can’t say to what extent this is true.
But I can tell you this: If I were an attendee and not a reporter for USAE, weather would certainly factor into my decision-making as to whether I’d attend. I doubt I’m alone in that. If a goal is to maximize attendance, as many associations say, it might be worth considering not holding a meeting where people are at risk of heat stroke or frostbite.



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