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Elliott Ferguson, President & CEO, Destination DC, discusses plans for U.S. Travel Association’s IPW 2017 during
the 2016 conference on June 22 in New Orleans.

American Counseling Assn. Moves ’17 Mtg. From Nashville to San Francisco

By Jonathan Trager

The American Counseling Association (ACA) has relocated its annual conference in 2017 to San Francisco from Nashville, blasting a recently passed Tennessee law the group says permits discrimination against LGBT individuals and violates the association’s code of ethics.
The ACA decided earlier this month to hold its meeting instead at Moscone West Convention Center from March 16–19. Association leadership chose to consider other host cities in May.

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Destination DC Has Big Plans for IPW 2017

By Todd McElwee

U.S. Travel Association’s IPW finished its run in New Orleans on June 22. And shortly before the convention wrapped up in the Big Easy Destination DC hosted a press conference showing it was hard at work prepping for IPW ’17 to be held June 3-7 when IPW lands in the nation’s capital for the first time.

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New Data Topic of Dispute in AH&LA’s Airbnb Boston Study

By Dan Bennett

Short-term rental company Airbnb doesn’t care for the numbers reported in a study funded by the American Hotel & Lodging Association (AH&LA) that say 80 percent of Airbnb’s revenue in the Boston region comes from operators who list their units for rent for more than 30 days a year.
The study also said operators listing multiple units for rent drove almost half of Airbnb’s revenue in Boston – around $21 million.

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Silbermann, Olcott and Petrillo to Receive
ASAE’s Top Honors

By Jonathan Trager

Three pillars of the association sector have been recognized by ASAE with its top individual honors. Bryan Silbermann, FASAE, CAE, CEO of the Produce Marketing Association, has been announced as this year’s Key Award honoree. Joining him in the limelight are Academy of Leaders Award winner Robert Olcott, CAE, FASAE, Managing Director at ORION Investment Advisors; and Tracy Petrillo, CAE, Chief Learning Officer at EDUCAUSE, the Professional Performance Award recipient.
ASAE will present the awards during its Annual Meeting & Exposition, Aug. 13-16 at the Salt Palace Convention Center in Salt Lake City.

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HOTS Pre-Flight Proposals

HOTS may be one of the few who actually enjoys airports. Yes, security and parking is routinely awful, but once one pushes past the full-body the scanner the hustle and bustle; sights of planes taking off and landing; mindless barstool banter with people you’re likely to never see again over an overpriced beer or double for a dollar more; and feeling of jetting off to a far-off locale all appeal to HOTS. Yet there are measures facilities could implement to enhance the pre-boarding experience.
1. More Manned Security Checkpoint Lanes: Nothing, and I mean nothing, draws the ire of fliers than dust bunnies collecting on unmanned equipment at TSA security checkpoints. If an airport has five lanes, all five should be in operation. HOTS has no issue with tacking on another dollar or two to the price of a ticket or 50 cents onto a bag of chips to pay for this.
2. Plugs, Plugs, and Plugs: Every seat at a major airport should have an outlet as well as USB port. Restaurants should also have outlets in tables and bars. Again, 50 cents more for a soda is acceptable to make this happen.
3. Play Areas: If fast-food restaurants across the nation can encompass indoor jungle gyms, ball pits and play facilities why can’t airports? Clear out seats from lesser used gates and install play areas. Parents of worn out children across the nation will thank you. Plus airports could have each area sponsored.
4. Beer Gardens: Adult play areas. Craft breweries have popped up across the nation. Airports should showcase their best local offerings in German-style beer gardens. Breweries would also jump at the opportunity, which has to be more cost effective than leasing an entire restaurant; we’re talking picnic tables and draft beer. Passengers should also be allowed to carry alcoholic beverages from a restaurant/bar to their gates. Chicago gets this right.
5. Museums: Many airports already display local artifacts and art but HOTS cannot remember a full-fledged museum calling an airport home. Who wouldn’t want to visit a display or two from the Smithsonian while killing time at Reagan National and there’s no better showcase for a city.


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