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From left to right: Savannah City Councilman Bill Durrence, Mayor Eddie DeLoach, City Councilman Brian Foster, and two national guards after recovering a wind-torn American flag that flew over Savannah City Hall and was damaged by Hurricane Matthew. Photo by City of Savannah

Peter Yesawich Named DMAI Foundation
Spirit of Hospitality Winner

By Jonathan Trager

Peter Yesawich of MMGY Global, a leading market research firm in the travel and hospitality industries, will receive the next Destination & Travel Foundation Spirit of Hospitality Award.
Yesawich, 65, will be honored on March 1 at DAR Constitution Hall during the Spirit of Hospitality Celebration. A co-founder of MMGY, Yesawich leads all of the company’s efforts in consumer insights.

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Savannah Gets Back to Business After
Hurricane Matthew

By Jonathan Trager

Savannah, Ga., has weathered the storm of Hurricane Matthew.
When the Category 4 hurricane hit, the populace had already fled the city. They didn’t know when they’d be able to return—or to what they’d be returning.
Joe Marinelli, President & CEO of Visit Savannah, was on a business trip in Ireland. When he came back on Oct. 10, suburban areas had been flooded and there were downed power lines. Hundreds of gas and light trucks were working to return the city to normalcy.

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Associations’ Member Communications Fall on Deaf Ears, Naylor Survey Reports

By Todd McElwee

Many associations’ member communications appear to falling on deaf ears.
Research in the latest edition of the Association Communications Benchmarking Report from Naylor Association Solutions and its Associations Advisor publication found while 86% percent of association respondents believe they generate relevant content to their members, 74% believe more than half of their communications are being ignored – up from 59% last year.

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Seattle’s New Convention Hotel Will Be
Hyatt Regency

By Dan Bennett

A new convention hotel under construction in downtown Seattle will become the Hyatt Regency Seattle when it opens in mid-2018, Hyatt announced last week.
The 45-story, 1,260-room hotel will become the largest hotel in the Northwest, opening two years before the planned $1.6 billion expansion of the Washington State Convention Center. The $400 million hotel will slightly eclipse the 1,236-room total at the Sheraton Seattle.

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HOTS needs a break from politics. And the best vacation from this seemingly everlasting election cycle’s vitriolic atmosphere appears to be business trips: DMAI’s Annual Convention and ASAE’s Annual Meeting & Exposition.

Of course politics feature on both events’ agendas and will be discussed by attendees. (USAE has convention coverage in the current issue.) HOTS however is confident nobody will be screaming “Lock her up,” during an Opening General Session at either event.

HOTS is also certain DMAI and ASAE will be a far better time than either the Republican or Democratic National Conventions; and that’s not a reflection on either Cleveland of Philadelphia. Standing on an arena floor holding signs for speech after speech sounds hideous, though not as torturous as actually navigating security to get to said arena. Also, are delegates afforded free food and drink like they are at DMAI or ASAE attendees, or are they paying premium stadium prices?

Sure, the future president is not appearing in Minneapolis or Salt Lake City, but these meetings do have a significant economic impact. And HOTS has never seen a protester outside an association event.

The election is roughly three months away and at the moment reasonable political talk between colleagues and friends gets HOTS’ vote.

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